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Calculus "Executable Pictograms"

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The concept:
  • Domain expert proceed from one point creating another one in hypertext frame, containing possibly graphic information as well, transforming his knowledge to the point, where knowledge frames delivered by the "Executable Pictograms" finish the specification, explaining to him, what he wants to accomplish using computer.
  • At this point he has multidimensional frame on very intelligible three-dimensional (two- dimensional projection is possible) graphic structure to start with rethinking the problem he works out.
  • This structure is processible and, by default, computable after all data passports are reviewed.
  • This structure is contained of terminal pictograms of Visual (stands for "paradigm") Language for calculus, implementing method "Executable Pictograms".

Anything that can be done could be done 'meta'
                                                  Charles Simonyi, 2004

Anything that can be done 'meta' could be covered with 'Calculus χπ'
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