Do we need it?

When you keep thinking intensively, you catch oneself looking through the wall. That's the answer. Our mind says: "Natural User Interface is missing".

Charles Simonyi in 1986 thought, it's cheap to have it.
"Just Doodle".

INTERVIEWER: When you shift gears and actually start programming, what do you do first?

SIMONYI: The first step in programming is imagining. Just making it crystal clear in my mind what is going to happen. In this initial stage, I use paper and pencil. I just doodle, I don’t write code. I might draw a few boxes or a few arrows, but it’s just mostly doodles, because the real picture is in my mind. I like to imagine the structures that are being maintained, the structures that represent the reality I want to code.
Once I have the structure fairly firm and clear in my mind, then I write the code. I sit down at my terminal–or with a piece of paper in the old days–and write it. It’s fairly easy. I just write the different transformations and I know what the results should be. The code for the most part writes itself, but it’s the data structures I maintain that are the key. They come first and I keep them in my mind throughout the entire process. (Programmers At Work. Charles Simonyi– 1986. By Susan M. Lammers.)


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