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        Why does an ontology matters?
        Another concept.

An illustration. 
The concept of the common misperception of the reality, building the concept of “how it works” in a few words:

"... If you question the "universe", then you can find out: if the reality is a bagel (in its basic roll-with-a-hole design) shaped fractal, then universes in this infinite fractal structure composes a hole in it (I mean bagel hole in this analogy). And a bagel by itself is pure, infinite energy (which is out of our comprehension) of the nothing, as we know it. And, we have in this way, a building block to build the structure – a gradient of the imperfection of this pure, infinite energy in the shape of a black hole. So, we can tell now. The fractal structure has the features we are in the black hole; we will never die; and nothing is moving (in the sense of movement, as we know it), but interactions of the structures in the bagels body by itself and the dough the bagel is made of being the fractal mix of the black holes at different scales (don‘t be confused „what you see, it is not what you get“ in this case)...".

Where is, the everything does come from?

About the universe, everything and nothing

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